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Wedding ideas® is a magazine with information for an upcoming wedding. Anyone who has been involved in a wedding is aware this is an extremely important day for the people involved. Whether you are a bride, groom, or a member of the wedding party, you will find places and products of interest in the Wedding Ideas Directory®.

The information is presented in a vibrant and colorful advertising format, with new issues distributed every month. To find a Wedding Ideas Directory® near you, select your area from the list on the left side of the page.


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"Not many brides knew about our Grand Ballroom at UCO or any of our other 25 rooms in the Nigh University Center and as soon as we started working with Wedding Ideas the leads started to come in. Not only did we increase weddings by 471% in one year but we saved money by not having to be at bridal shows because Wedding Ideas was promoting our venue for us.  By far, the best investment we made in advertising!"
Tabbi Burwell, Marketing & Sales Coordinator
UCO  Nigh University Center